Man o’ War, Schuttinger Up

This Charles Christian Cook photograph was taken on August 21, 1920, at Saratoga’s Travers Stakes.

Samuel D. Riddle's Man o’ War faced only two other entries in the Travers – Harry Payne Whitney’s John P. Grier and Upset. Whitney's trainer, Jimmy Rowe, attempted to use the pair in a relay strategy against Man o' War, but Man o' War outstayed them both. 

Samuel D. Riddle had the following words for jockey Andy Schuttinger before the race.


Man o' War Samuel Doyle Riddle Owner - A. Schuttinger Jockey.jpg



"Take him out in front the minute the flag falls. Keep him there and keep him going. Don’t let either of them get near you. Just show them up, if anybody thinks they can beat him. That’s all, for he will do the rest.

- Samuel D. Riddle, 19201


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