Man o’ War, Clarence Kummer Up

Man o' War is pictured with jockey Clarence Kummer. Kummer rode Man o’ War in nine of his 11 starts in 1920. Also featured is Frank Loftus, Man o’ War’s groom.

Kummer provided the accompanying statement to reporters after Man o’ War’s 1920 Preakness win.


Cook 5705 - Clarence Kummer Jockey on Man o' War with Frank Loftus holding horse.jpg

"I have been on Kentucky Derby winners Sir Barton, Omar Khayyam, Exterminator and many other good horses, but Man o’ War is the greatest one I have ever ridden…

"The track, on the back stretch, passing the half, was deep and rough and gave way under his feet, but that did not bother him, for it was right there that he opened up such a gap on the others that they were beaten from that moment. He pulled up with plenty of breath, and acted as if he had enjoyed the race.”

- Clarence Kummer, 19201

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