Man o’ War, Kummer Up, 1920 Dwyer Stakes

This photograph of Man o' War and jockey Clarence Kummer was taken on July 10, 1920, at the old Aqueduct racetrack’s Dwyer Stakes.

The accompanying statements from Man o’ War’s owner, Samuel D. Riddle, and the then prominent trainer, Sam Hildreth, were provided to reporters roughly three weeks after Man o’ War’s Dwyer win. 


Cook 427 - Clarence Kummer Jockey on Man o' War.jpg

“The shaking up he got in the Dwyer Stakes did our colt a lot of good. He was a different horse in every way after that contest. It tightened him up as he never had been before and we are all looking forward for him to show great form at Saratoga.”

- Samuel D. Riddle, 19201


“That Man o’ War is a wonder all right. I saw him out on the track this morning and the boy had all he could do to stay on his back. He is in a class by himself.”

 - Sam Hildreth, 19202



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