Man o’ War with Will Harbut

Man o' War is pictured with Will Harbut. Harbut became Man o’ War’s groom after Elizabeth Daingerfield resigned from managing Faraway Farm in October of 1930, and he maintained the position for more than 15 years.

The accompanying statement from Bert Clark Thayer, prolific writer and photographer, appears in Turf writer B. K. Beckwith’s 1967 compilation Step and Go Together.


Man o' War with groom Will Harbut.jpg



“I have always felt that I could get to know the horses I was working with and posing. Not Man o’ War… he’d look down his nose at me and I swear to God I wouldn’t have dared to tell him or his handlers to do anything. I just waited until he condescended to recognize me.”

- Bert Clark Thayer1

1. B. K. Beckwith (1967). Step and Go Together. South Brunswick, New Jersey: A.S. Barnes, p. 60