Man o’ War, Clarence Kummer Up

This photograph features Man o' War and jockey Clarence Kummer in 1920, Man o' War's three-year-old season. Kummer rode Man o’ War in nine of his 11 starts in 1920.

While Kummer was recovering from a shoulder injury, Earl Sande rode Man o’ War for the Miller Stakes at Saratoga (August 7, 1920), and Andy Schuttinger rode Man o’ War for the Travers Stakes at Saratoga (August 21, 1920). 

Kummer provided reporters with the accompanying statement after the 1920 Withers Stakes. 


Cook 5701 - Clarence Kummer Jockey on Man o' War.jpg


“There was never a horse like him. He didn’t appear to be running at all. From the jump he fought for his head and my arms tired from trying to hold him in. I let him loose for a furlong in the middle of the race and he fairly flew over the ground. So fast was it that I thought it might tire him and I began to ease him up. If Mr. Feustel had told me to let him run all the way I know he would have hung up 1:33.”

- Clarence Kummer, 19201

1. Henry V. King (May 30, 1920). “Man o’ War an Easy Victor in Withers Stake,” The Sun and the New York Herald