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Crowd watching a race from track apron at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a crowd of early 20th century spectators watching a race from the Latonia Race Track's apron. The track and infield are visible, and the judge's stand is prominent at frame right.

Crowd on track apron in front of grandstand watching race at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a crowd on the track apron at Latonia Race Track. The infield and track, with race in progress, are visible at frame left, and the filled apron and grandstand comprise the primary subject.

Cook 6366 - 1907 Spectators at Belmont Park (2).jpg
This photograph features a large crowd of spectators at Belmont Park in 1907. The crowd is comprised almost entirely of men in dark suits and boater, fedora, or bowler hats. The photograph focuses on the apron, with the grandstand in the background,…

Cook 319 - 1906 Parade to post and spectators by track at Jamaica
This photograph features a post parade at Jamaica Race Course in 1906. The apron is full of spectators, primarily men in suits and hats. The judge's stand is prominent in the foreground, and the track stretches through the center of the image.

Cook 2116 - 1937-02-27 Jockeys and young people on a fence at the Hialeah small.jpg
The image features jockeys and other men sitting on the rail at Hialeah in February of 1937. Some are holding race programs and several are smoking cigarettes. A race official is visible inside the rail, and a large crowd is featured in both the…

Cook 2043.jpg
This photograph features a start of a race at Hialeah Park Race Track. The apron, with seating and spectators, is visible in the foreground, the track and judge's stand are centrally prominent, and the infield pond, trees, and sky comprise the…
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