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Hemment v.2 1216 - 1903 Saratoga Clubhouse.tif
This photograph features the view from the Saratoga Clubhouse in 1903. Several of the clubhouse tables and chairs are occupied. The grandstand, lawn, judge's stand, and track are also featured.

Hemment v.1 429 - Morris Park.jpg
This photograph, taken from the infield, features the finish of the 1896 Metropolitan Handicap at Morris Park Racecourse.

Spectators are visible in the infield in the foreground, while the track, entries, judge's stand, and spectator-filled…

View of the water infield at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a lake and bridge in the infield at the Latonia Race Track. The judge's stand, grandstand, and other track facilities are visible in the background, while the track is prominent in the foreground.

View of grandstand from infield with bridge and lake in sight at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a view of the grandstand from the infield. The infield lake and bridge are prominent in the foreground.

Crowd watching a race from track apron at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a crowd of early 20th century spectators watching a race from the Latonia Race Track's apron. The track and infield are visible, and the judge's stand is prominent at frame right.

Ashby - 1927 View of track and infield on high at Latonia Race Track and group of people (2).jpg
This photograph, taken in 1927, features the infield and track at the Latonia Race Track. The track and entries are prominent in the foreground; while the judge's stand, landscaped infield, and infield water features comprise the primary subject.

After race at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This is an after race photograph taken at the Latonia Race Track. The track is featured, with spectators prominent in the foreground and the infield and judge's stand prominent in the background.

Cook 319 - 1906 Parade to post and spectators by track at Jamaica
This photograph features a post parade at Jamaica Race Course in 1906.

Cook 2285.jpg
This photograph features the judge's stand and grandstand at City Park Race Track in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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