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KentuckyAssociationTrack, undated.tif
Features the grandstand of the Kentucky Association Track in Lexington, Kentucky. Established in 1826, the Lexington track closed in 1933.

Triangle - 1939-02-01 Gulfstream Park - general view fromt the rear of stands showing Candar winning the first race ever to be run over this strip.jpg
This photograph captures the first race ever run at Gulfstream Park from the stands on February 1, 1939.

Gulfstream Park drew roughly 18,000 visitors for its inaugural four-day race meet.

Hemment v.5 3905 - 1907-07-04 Sheepshead Bay Crowd.tif
This photograph features the grandstand crowd at Sheepshead Bay Race Track on July 4, 1907.

Hemment v.2 1225 - 1903 Saratoga Lawn.tif
This photograph features a Saratoga trackside lawn crowd in 1903.

Hemment v.2 1216 - 1903 Saratoga Clubhouse.tif
This photograph features the view from the Saratoga Clubhouse in Saratoga Springs, New York in 1903.

Hemment v.1 429 - Morris Park.jpg
This photograph, taken from the infield, features the finish of the 1896 Metropolitan Handicap at Morris Park Racecourse in the Bronx, New York.

View of the water infield at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a lake and bridge in the infield at the Latonia Race Track.

View of grandstand from infield with bridge and lake in sight at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a view of the grandstand from the infield.

View of clubhouse and grandstand from first turn at atonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a view of Latonia Race Track's clubhouse and grandstand from the first turn.

Grandstand crowd at Latonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features an early 20th century grandstand crowd at Latonia Race Track.
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