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Cook 2107- View of paddock and lawn through grandstand archway latticework at Hialeah.jpg
This photograph features a view of Hialeah's palm tree studded paddock and lawn through a lattice-worked grandstand archway. The lawn is filled with spectators.

Cook 2034 - 1936 Archway from paddock to track at Hialeah.jpg
This photograph, taken in 1936, features the archway from the paddock to track at Hialeah Park Race Track. Spectators and the palm trees surrounding the paddock are visible in the background, as horses and riders are making their way under the…

12 Gerner 2430 - Mrs H C Phipps aka Gladys Livingston Mills Phipps Owner Breeder at Hialeah (2).jpg
This is a photograph of Gladys Livingston Mills Phipps, Thoroughbred owner and breeder, walking in the paddock at Hialeah. She is wearing a suit with white gloves and a hat. She is holding a race program and a purse, with a set of pearls and a pair…

Cook 2096 - Paddock and stable beyond at Hialeah (2).jpg
This photograph provides an aerial view of the paddock at Hialeah with a few horses being led around the paddock. Palm trees and their shadows are prevalent, and a few spectators are visible.

Cook 2093 - Paddock at Hialeah (2).jpg
The photograph features the paddock at Hialeah. A crowd of spectators is gathered around the paddock, and the back of the grandstand is prominent in the background.

Cook 2081 - Horses on parade from paddock to track at Hialeah (2).jpg
Photograph of horses on parade from the paddock to the race track at Hialeah. A large crowd of spectators, primarily men in suits and hats, are observing the parade, and palm trees are prevalent.

Poster commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Belmont Park (1905-2005)
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