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1991 Best of the Bluegrass Stakes show---the top 10.mp3
In 1991, radio personality Tom Leach produced this top ten ranking of Blue Grass Stakes races. The ranking was voted on by a panel of featured interviewees including legendary racing jockeys, owners, trainers, and farm managers including former…

A bust of Jean Cruguet by caricature/humorist artist Peb shows the jockey with grass for hair and proclaims him the grass champ of 1979. A reference to 1978 Horse of the Year Eclipse Award winner Mac Diarmida.

Peb's caricature/humorist artwork depicts the records of several leading jockeys with female jockey Mary Jo Smith's record included.

Hall of Fame jockey Angel Cordero Jr. tops a cake considering which horse he will ride to a slice of victory. This artwork by caricature/humorist artist Peb pays homage to the racehorses piloted by Cordero in the 1984 Breeder's Cup: Spend a Buck,…

Bill Shoemaker enjoys a cigar as he kicks back to celebrate 5,000 winners as bug boy Ronnie Ferraro buzzes overhead as a fly.

Hall of Fame jockey Bill Shoemaker rests on a pillow of his career earnings as his leg is propped up in a horse shaped cast. The cast is signed with names of various stakes races.

Hemment v.1 330 - 1895-06-15 Suburban Handicap Passing Stands for the First Time at Belmont Final (2).jpg
This photograph features the entries for the 1895 Suburban Handicap mid-race. At this point in its history, the Suburban Handicap was hosted by the Sheepshead Bay Race Track.

Eric Stable's William Donohue-trained Lazzarone (Anthony Hamilton up)…

Hemment v.1 570 - 1897 Suburban Handicap Ben Brush.tif
This photograph features the Sheepshead Bay Race Track at the 1897 Suburban Handicap.

Michael's Dwyer's Hardy Campbell, Jr.-trained Ben Brush (Willie Simms up) won the Suburban Handicap that year.

Cook 17282 - 1913-07-15 Polo International Play - America 5.5 vs England 3 (2).jpg
This photograph features the Polo International Play between America and England in 1913. The score captured in the photograph is America (5) and England (2) during the 5th period. The final score was America (5.5) and England (3). A play in progress…

Cook 634 - 1919-09-13 John P Johnny Loftus Jockey on Man o' War winning Belmont Futurity at Belmont Park.jpg
This photograph, taken on September 13, 1919, at the Belmont Futurity (raced to the right, or clockwise), features the American Thoroughbred John P. Grier (Eddie Ambrose up) trailing Man o’ War (Johnny Loftus up) in Man o’ War’s final start of his…
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