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Cook 427 - Clarence Kummer Jockey on Man o' War.jpg
American Thoroughbred Man o' War with jockey Clarence Kummer up. This photograph was taken on July 10, 1920, at the old Aqueduct’s Dwyer Stakes.

Newspaper headlines from around the world heralded Man o’ War (1917-1947) as “matchless,” the “wonder…

Cook 432 - 1920-07-10 Clarence Kummer Jockey on Man o' War in Dwyer Stakes at Aqueduct.jpg
This photograph captures the American Thoroughbred John P. Grier (Eddie Ambrose up) trailing Man o’ War (Clarence Kummer up) in the 1920 Dwyer Stakes at the old Aqueduct track. John P. Grier, Man o' War's only opponent, nosed in front for a moment in…

Cook 13908 - Brooklyn Handicap at Old Aqueduct.jpg
This photograph features the Brooklyn Handicap at the old Aqueduct Racetrack in 1917. The jockey, William "Willie" Knapp, is up on Borrow. Borrow ran the 1-1/8 mile race in 1:49-2/5, setting a new American record. Frank Robinson is up on Regret who…
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