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Cook 17291 - 1913 Meadowbrook Polo American Team ponies - Man in straw hat is Fitzpatrick Head Stud Groom for Harry Payne HP Whitney Owner (2).jpg
This photograph features the 1913 American Polo Team's ponies being led in a line at Meadowbrook. The man in straw panama hat with his back to the camera is Fitzpatrick, the Head Stud Groom for Harry Payne Whitney.

Cook 17282 - 1913-07-15 Polo International Play - America 5.5 vs England 3 (2).jpg
This photograph features the Polo International Play between America and England in 1913. The score captured in the photograph is America (5) and England (2) during the 5th period. The final score was America (5.5) and England (3). A play in progress…
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