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Morgan B17750 - 1960-08-24 Patrick Pat Smithwick Jockey on Neji at Saratoga.jpg
This is a photograph of jockey Alfred "Paddy" Smithwick, on Neji at Saratoga.

According to his New York Times obituary, Smithwick was 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Hall of Famer (inducted 1972) Paddy Smithwick was the country’s top steeplechase rider…

Morgan A94388 - 1955-10-13 Frank David Dooley Adams Jockey on Neji at The Grand National Steeplechase Handicap at Belmont Park.jpg
This photograph features jockey Frank David "Dooley" Adams on Neji at the 1955 Grand National Steeplechase Handicap at Belmont Park.

Neji was the prominent steeplechase contender of the late 1950s. He claimed three American Grand National wins and…

Morgan 32049 - Rigan McKinney on Redshank Jumping Hurdle.jpg
This is a photograph of jockey Rigan McKinney up on Redshank in mid-jump at the Bridlespur Steeplechase Graded Handicap at Belmont in 1936.

McKinney claimed his first American Grand National victory in 1931 atop Green Cheese.

Cook 16870 - Ballast II.jpg
This photograph captures two horses in mid-jump at a steeplechase at Aqueduct in 1927. G. Smoot is the jockey on Ballast II, who came in first; and L. Cheyne is the jockey on Job, who came in second.
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