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Hemment v.1 570 - 1897 Suburban Handicap Ben Brush.tif
This photograph features the Sheepshead Bay Race Track at the 1897 Suburban Handicap.

Michael's Dwyer's Hardy Campbell, Jr.-trained Ben Brush (Willie Simms up) won the Suburban Handicap that year.

Cook 2055.jpg
This photograph provides an aerial view of the grandstand, clubhouse, track, parking area, and stables at Hialeah Park Race Track.

1893 American Derby at Washington Park.jpg
This photograph shows the track and crowd at the 1893 American Derby held at the Washington Park Race Track outside of Chicago, Illinois.

McClure - Ashland Oaks at Kentucky Association Track.jpg
This photograph was taken mid-race during the Ashland Oaks Stakes at the Kentucky Association Race Track.

Cook 6397 - 1905 Belmont Park Clubhouse and Grandstand (2).jpg
This photograph features the clubhouse and grandstand at Belmont Park in 1905.

Cook 6398 - 1905 Belmont Park Entrance (2).jpg
This photograph shows a crowd of men and women entering Belmont Park in 1905 - the year in which the facility opened. The men are in suits and fedora and bowler hats, while women are gloved and in Victorian dresses and hats. The entrance path is…

Hemment v.5 3949 - 1907 Brighton Beach Crowd.tif
This photograph, taken in 1907, features spectators at the Brighton Beach Race Course.

Hemment v.5 3950 - 1907 Brighton Beach Crowd.tif
This photograph, taken in 1907, features a filled grandstand at Brighton Beach Race Course.

Cook 2285.jpg
This photograph features the judge's stand and grandstand at City Park Race Track in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cook 6349.jpg
This photograph features a group of men in suits and boater and fedora hats on the clubhouse terrace at Saratoga.
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