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Cook 429A - 1919-08-13 William Willie Knapp Jockey on Upset beating John P Johnny Loftus Jockey on Man o' War at Sanford Stakes in Saratoga.jpg
This photograph was taken on August 13, 1919, at the Sanford Memorial Stakes at Saratoga Racecourse. Man o’ War lost the only race of his career to Upset that day.

In this photograph, Upset (Willie Knapp up) is in the lead, Man o’ War (Johnny…

Cook 5693 - Man o' War working out Samuel Doyle Riddle Owner.jpg
Photograph of American Thoroughbred Man o' War working out.

Louis Feustel, Man o’ War’s trainer, reported “blowing him out” for three-eighths of a mile or more the day before a race, and often opening him up for an eighth the morning before a…

Cook 431 - 1920-08-21 Andrew Andy Schuttinger Jockey on Man o' War at the Travers Stakes at Saratoga.jpg
American Thoroughbred Man o' War with jockey Andy Schuttinger up at the 1920 Travers Stakes at Saratoga Racecourse.

Man o’ War faced only two other entries in the Travers: Harry Payne Whitney’s John P. Grier and Upset. Man o’ War bested Upset by…

Cook 5705 - Clarence Kummer Jockey on Man o' War with Frank Loftus holding horse.jpg
Photograph of the American Thoroughbred Man o' War with jockey Clarence Kummer up. Man o' War's groom, Frank Loftus, is also pictured.

Newspaper headlines from around the world heralded Man o’ War (1917-1947) as “matchless,” the “wonder horse,” a…

Triangle - 1939-02-01 Gulfstream Park - general view fromt the rear of stands showing Candar winning the first race ever to be run over this strip.jpg
This photograph captures the first race ever run at Gulfstream Park from the stands on February 1, 1939.

Gulfstream Park drew roughly 18,000 visitors for its inaugural four-day race meet.

Hemment v.1 839 - 1902 Start of the Futurity.tif
This photograph features the start of the 1902 Futurity Stakes at Sheepshead Bay Race Track.

John A. Drake's Enoch Wishard-trained Savable (Lucien Lyne up) claimed the 1902 Futurity Stakes victory.

Hemment v.1 570 - 1897 Suburban Handicap Ben Brush.tif
This photograph features the Sheepshead Bay Race Track at the 1897 Suburban Handicap.

Michael's Dwyer's Hardy Campbell, Jr.-trained Ben Brush (Willie Simms up) won the Suburban Handicap that year.

Hemment v.1 330 - 1895-06-15 Suburban Handicap Passing Stands for the First Time at Belmont Final (2).jpg
This photograph features the entries for the 1895 Suburban Handicap mid-race. At this point in its history, the Suburban Handicap was hosted by the Sheepshead Bay Race Track.

Eric Stable's William Donohue-trained Lazzarone (Anthony Hamilton up)…

Triangle - 1937-08-24 Saratoga - shot from the top of the stands showing the jockeys dismounting and weighing in (2).jpg
This photograph, taken from the Saratoga stands in August of 1937, shows jockeys dismounting and weighing in.

Hemment v.2 1225 - 1903 Saratoga Lawn.tif
This photograph features a Saratoga trackside lawn crowd in 1903.
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