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Hemment v.2 1216 - 1903 Saratoga Clubhouse.tif
This photograph features the view from the Saratoga Clubhouse in 1903. Several of the clubhouse tables and chairs are occupied. The grandstand, lawn, judge's stand, and track are also featured.

Hemment v.1 429 - Morris Park.jpg
This photograph, taken from the infield, features the finish of the 1896 Metropolitan Handicap at Morris Park Racecourse.

Spectators are visible in the infield in the foreground, while the track, entries, judge's stand, and spectator-filled…

View of clubhouse and grandstand from first turn at atonia Race Track.jpg
This photograph features a view of Latonia Race Track's clubhouse and grandstand from the first turn. Spectators are visible sitting on the track fence, and the grandstand is partially filled with spectators.

Cook 325 - View of clubhouse and grandstand from clubhouse turn at track levek at Jamaica.tif
This photograph features the Jamaica Racetrack's clubhouse and unoccupied grandstand from the clubhouse turn at track level.

Hemment v.1 1189 - Sheepshead Bay.tif
This photograph features the Sheepshead Bay Race Track's clubhouse and grandstand, with Coney Island Jockey Club (CIJC) flags flying, from the view of the clubhouse turn. There are spectators leaning on the rail and in the clubhouse and grandstand.

Hemment v.2 795 Brighton Beach Race Course.jpg
This photograph features a view from the far turn of Brighton Beach Race Course. The track comprises the bottom half of the image and the grandstand is prominent, with American flags flying.

McClure - Ashland Oaks at Kentucky Association Track.jpg
This photograph was taken mid-race during the Ashland Oaks Stakes at the Kentucky Association Race Track. The clubhouse and grandstand are in the background with American flags flying. Race spectators are visible in the grandstand and on the rail at…

McClure - KY Association Clubhouse, 1922 (2).jpg
This photograph features the Kentucky Association Clubhouse. The rail and track are visible in the foreground, and spectators are assembled on the porch and deck.

Cook 6397 - 1905 Belmont Park Clubhouse and Grandstand (2).jpg
This photograph features the clubhouse and grandstand at Belmont Park in 1905. Part of the track can be seen along the infield. There are indistinct spectators in the grandstand and clubhouse, and carriages are parked beside the clubhouse. There are…

Cook 6349.jpg
This photograph features a group of men in suits and boater and fedora hats on the clubhouse terrace at Saratoga. Many of the men are smoking, and several are holding race programs. A parking lot with cars is visible in the background.
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