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Cook 3424 - Earl Sande Jockey on Sir Barton.jpg
Photograph of the American Thoroughbred Sir Barton with jockey Earl Sande up.

As a three-year-old in 1919, Sir Barton won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes (by five lengths, setting a new American record). He was…

Cook 427 - Clarence Kummer Jockey on Man o' War.jpg
Photograph of the American Thoroughbred Man o' War with jockey Clarence Kummer up.

Newspaper headlines from around the world heralded Man o’ War (1917-1947) as “matchless,” the “wonder horse,” a “speed miracle,” and “peerless.”

After winning 20…

Cook 13842 - John Loftus Jockey.jpg
This is a photographic portrait of jockey John P. "Johnny" Loftus. In 1919 he rode both Sir Barton to a Triple Crown sweep and Man o' War to victory.

Other notable wins include the Travers Stakes (1916), Hopeful Stakes (1913, 1919), Jerome…
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