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Cook 429A - 1919-08-13 William Willie Knapp Jockey on Upset beating John P Johnny Loftus Jockey on Man o' War at Sanford Stakes in Saratoga.jpg
This photograph was taken on August 13, 1919, at the Sanford Memorial Stakes at Saratoga Racecourse. Man o’ War lost the only race of his career to Upset that day.

In this photograph, Upset (Willie Knapp up) is in the lead, Man o’ War (Johnny…

Morgan B9631 - 1958-08-06 Eddie Arcaro Jockey and James Edward Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons Trainer at Saratoga larger (3).jpg
This photograph features jockey Eddie Arcaro with trainer James Edward "Sunny Jim" Fitzsimmons seated on a bench at Saratoga in August of 1958.

Arcaro, known as “The Master” of U.S. Thoroughbred racing, ascended to the country’s premier jockey…

Cook 17631 - Mrs Robert Livingston Gerry Sr aka Cornelia Averell Harriman Gerry, Ral Parr Owner, Patrol Judge Hall, and Mrs Frank Bishop walking in a group at Saratoga (2).jpg
This photograph features (from left to right) Thoroughbred owner Cornelia Averell Harriman Gerry and owner Ral Parr in conversation; as well as a patrol judge in conversation with Mrs. Frank Bishop at Saratoga.

Exercise rider with trainer Thomas Hitchcock’s string at Saratoga in 1903

Morgan A69557D - Burley E Parke Trainer and Noor on Air Transport.jpg
This photograph features trainer Burley Elijah Parke with the Thoroughbred Noor. They are in a padded airplane stall after being transported to Saratoga Race Course in August of 1950. Noor is wearing leg wraps and a leather head bumper.


Morgan A69557B - Burley E Parke Trainer and Noor on Air Transport.jpg
This photograph features trainer Burley Elijah Parke with the Thoroughbred Noor.

Parke began his career as a jockey (second-leading rider in the country in 1921) before becoming an assistant trainer. As a trainer, he won nine Futurities at…

Cook 6349.jpg
This photograph features a group of men in suits and boater and fedora hats on the clubhouse terrace at Saratoga.

Hemment v.4 2799 - 1905 James B Diamond Jim Brady Owner and Arthur E Redfern Jockey at Saratoga sepia.tif
This photograph features Thoroughbred owner James B. "Diamond Jim" Brady and jockey Arthur Redfern in conversation at Saratoga Race Course in 1905.

Brady, Gilded Age businessman and financier, is often remembered for his voracious appetite and…

Morgan B17785 - 1960-08-27 Robert Nelson Bobby Ussery Jockey on Hail to Reason winning by 10 lengths the Hopeful Stakes at Saratoga.jpg
Photograph of Hail to Reason (Bobby Ussery up) winning Saratoga’s 1960 Hopeful Stakes by ten lengths.

Hail to Reason, multiple stakes-winning Thoroughbred, was named American Champion Two-Year-Colt in 1960. He retired to stud at Hagyard Farm in…

Trainer Thomas Hitchcock’s staff with his string at Saratoga in 1903
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