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TFF p 145 - 1866-09-08 Lexington (2).tif
This is a digitized print image of American Thoroughbred and the 16-time leading North American sire, Lexington.

Lexington was born in 1850 within what is now the city limits of Lexington, Kentucky. He was bred by Dr. Elisha Warfield, an…

Wyatt - KY Association jockeys and people.jpg
This photograph features several seated and standing jockeys with a crowd of onlookers at the Kentucky Association Race Track.

Standing, from left to right: McCabe, Smyth, Vandusen, Meehan, G. Garner, C. Borel

Seated, from left to right:…

McClure - Ashland Oaks at Kentucky Association Track.jpg
This photograph was taken mid-race during the Ashland Oaks Stakes at the Kentucky Association Race Track.

McClure - KY Association Clubhouse, 1922 (2).jpg
This photograph features the Kentucky Association Clubhouse.

1872-05-13 Kentucky Association Track Program for Spring Meeting in Lexington (2).jpg
This is a digitized photograph of the cover of the Kentucky Association's 1872 Spring Meet Program. The listed officers include: John C. Breckinridge (Acting President), James F. Robinson, Jr. (Vice President), Thomas J. Bush (Secretary), James A.…
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