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Wyatt - KY Association jockeys and people.jpg
This photograph features several seated and standing jockeys with a crowd of onlookers at the Kentucky Association Race Track.

Standing, from left to right: McCabe, Smyth, Vandusen, Meehan, G. Garner, C. Borel

Seated, from left to right:…

McClure - Ashland Oaks at Kentucky Association Track.jpg
This photograph was taken mid-race during the Ashland Oaks Stakes at the Kentucky Association Race Track. The clubhouse and grandstand are in the background with American flags flying. Race spectators are visible in the grandstand and on the rail at…

McClure - KY Association Clubhouse, 1922 (2).jpg
This photograph features the Kentucky Association Clubhouse. The rail and track are visible in the foreground, and spectators are assembled on the porch and deck.

1872-05-13 Kentucky Association Track Program for Spring Meeting in Lexington (2).jpg
This is a digitized photograph of the cover of the Kentucky Association's 1872 Spring Meet Program. The listed officers include: John C. Breckinridge (Acting President), James F. Robinson, Jr. (Vice President), Thomas J. Bush (Secretary), James A.…
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