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James R. Keene’s staff cooling out Sysonby (center; foaled in 1902 by Melton out of Optime) in 1904

Hemment v.6 4625 - J.R. Keene Horses with Black Grooms at Saratoga.tif
This photograph features James Robert Keene's horses with grooms gathered under a tree at Saratoga Race Course. Some of the grooms are seated on a bench, while others are standing among the horses.

Cook 4289 - Harry Payne HP Whitney Owner and James Robert Keene Owner (2).jpg
This photograph features Thoroughbred owners Harry Payne "H.P." Whitney (left) and James Robert Keene (right) in conversation. A fence, an open field with surrounding treeline, a car, and a few unidentified people are visible in the photograph.…
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