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20 Mrs Payne Whitney aka Helen Julia Hay Whitney Owner.jpg
This photograph features Thoroughbred owner Helen Hay Whitney in the stands wearing a scarf, hat, and sunglasses. She is holding binoculars in her left hand. A purse is on the ledge in front of her along with a box, race program, and glasses case.

19 Cook 14105 - Charles Charley The Flying Dutchman E Kurtsinger Jockey on Twenty Grand with Mrs Payne Whitney aka Helen Julia Hay Whitney on way to winner's circle at Belmont Park.jpg
This photograph depicts Twenty Grand on the way to the winner's circle at Belmont Park in 1931. He is being led by owner Helen Julia Hay Whitney. The jockey up is Charles E. Kurtsinger, also known as "Charley" and "The Flying Dutchman." A crowd of…
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