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22 Morgan A72123 - 1951-05-14 Robert C Bernhardt Jockey & Mrs Roger Seydoux aka Jacqueline Marguerite Doll-Schlumberger & Mrs William Woodward aka Elsie Ogden Cryder Woodward.jpg
This photograph (far left) features jockey Robert C. Bernhardt in silks. To his right is Jacqueline Marguerite Doll-Schlumberger in a suit and hat, holding her purse and gloves. To her right is Elsie Ogden Cryder Woodward in a suit, hat, and fur…

16 Cook 2428 - Mrs Isabel Cleves Dodge Sloane and George Dunton Widener Jr Owner.jpg
This photograph features Thoroughbred owner Isabel Cleves Dodge Sloane in a white dress and gloves, adjusting her hat while seated in the stands. She appears to be engaged in conversation with George Dunton Widener, Jr. (owner, Erdenheim Farm), who…
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