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17 Morgan A87391 - John Elliott Burch Trainer and Eddie Arcaro Jockey and Mrs Isabel Cleves Dodge Sloane and Mrs Elsie Ogden Cryder Woodward (2).jpg
From left to right, this photograph features Thoroughbred trainer John Elliott Burch, jockey Eddie Arcaro, Isabel Cleves Dodge Sloane, and Elsie Ogden Cryder Woodward.

Peb's artwork depicts jockey Bill Hartack, Jr. and entries Tomy Lee, Hoist Away, Demobilize, Crafty Skipper, Restless Wind, First Landing, and Intentionally before the 1958 Champagne Stakes.

Christopher Chenery’s First Landing, ridden by Eddie…

Peb's artwork depicts the then retired U.S. Racing Hall of Fame jockeys Johnny Longden, Johnny Adams, and Eddie Arcaro at Del Mar Racetrack.

Peb's artwork depicts U. S. Racing Hall of Fame jockey Eddie Arcaro.
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