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Cook 434 - Earl Sande Jockey on Man o' War at Saratoga.jpg
American Thoroughbred Man o' War with jockey Earle Sande up at Saratoga’s Miller Stakes on August 7, 1920.

The Miller Stakes was the only race in which Earl Sande rode Man o’ War. Sande was recruited by Man o' War's owner, Samuel D. Riddle, after…

Cook 3838 - Earl Sande Jockey on  Crusader.jpg
Photograph of the American Thoroughbred Crusader with jockey Earl Sande up.

Crusader, sired by Man o’ War out of Star Fancy, was bred and owned by Sam Riddle. Trained by G.R. Tompkins, Crusader was honored as Horse of the Year in 1926, with a…

Cook 3424 - Earl Sande Jockey on Sir Barton.jpg
Photograph of the American Thoroughbred Sir Barton with jockey Earl Sande up.

As a three-year-old in 1919, Sir Barton won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes (by five lengths, setting a new American record). He was…

Cook 5028.tiff
This photograph features jockey Earl Sande holding his saddle and saddle towel on the scales. Sande is in silks. A Clerk of Scales is holding two booklets and wearing a hat with "Valet" printed on it, suggesting he may have worked in various…

Cook 4968 - Mark Fator Jockey, Earl Sande Jockey, and Laverne Fator Jockey (2).jpg
This photograph features (from left to right) jockeys Mark Fator, Earl Sande, and Laverne Fator in silks standing against a shake-sided wall. All three are standing with their arms crossed, looking directly at the camera.
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