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Hemment v.2 1322 - William Collins Whitney Owner and August Belmont Jr Owner.tif
This photograph features Thoroughbred owners William Collins Whitney (left) and August Belmont II (right). Whitney, in a suit, gloves, and bowler hat, is looking at the camera; while Belmont, in a suit and boater hat, is looking away (toward frame…

Cook 788 - August Belmont Jr Owner (2).jpg
This is a photograph of August Belmont II. He is pictured in a three-piece suit with a bow tie, top-buttoned jacket, and a black-banded boater hat. He is looking directly at the camera. An exterior window is visible in the background.


Cook 4206 - 1916-05-30 Samuel C Hildreth Trainer Owner and Mack Garner Jockey and August Belmont Jr Owner at the Suburban Handicap at Belmont Park (2).jpg
This photograph features (from left to right) Thoroughbred trainer and owner Samuel C. Hildreth, Hall of Fame jockey Mack Garner, and owner August Belmont II at Belmont's Suburban Handicap in 1916.

Belmont founded Belmont Park, served as the…
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