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Hemment v.4 2920 - 1905 O'Neil Jockey, Shaw Jockey, Brussells Jockey, McDaniels Jockey, Creamer Jockey, Fisher Jockey, L. Smith Jockey,and B. Smith Jockey.tif
This photograph, taken in 1905, features jockeys (from left to right) Frank O'Neill, Shaw, Brussells, McDaniels, Creamer, Fisher, L. Smith, and B. Smith walking across a lawn.

Hemment 1135 - Isaac Murphy Jockey on Tenny.jpg
Photograph of the Thoroughbred Tenny with jockey Isaac Burns Murphy up.

Tenny, known as "The Swayback" to his fans, is often remembered in association with his rivalry with Hall of Famer Salvator. Although Tenny won his first four races in 1890,…

Hemment v.2 1183 - 1890-06-20 Salvator Tenny Match Race with Isaac Murphy and Ed Snapper Garrison at Coney Island Jockey Club  at Sheepshead Bay 2 (2).jpg
This photograph features the match race held on June 25, 1890, at Sheepshead Bay Race Track between one of racing's greatest rivalries: Tenny and Salvator.

Salvator (Isaac Burns Murphy up) bested Tenny (Edward Garrison up) by half a head.

James R. Keene’s staff cooling out Sysonby (center; foaled in 1902 by Melton out of Optime) in 1904

Track superintendent Gorman at Morris Park Racecourse in the Bronx, New York City; circa 1895

Starters at the 1896 Withers Mile at Morris Park Racecourse in the Bronx, New York City

Hemment v.1 839 - 1902 Start of the Futurity.tif
This photograph features the start of the 1902 Futurity Stakes at Sheepshead Bay Race Track.

John A. Drake's Enoch Wishard-trained Savable (Lucien Lyne up) claimed the 1902 Futurity Stakes victory.

Hemment v.6 4259 - 1908-05-04 Start of Race Barrier at Jamaica.tif
This photograph was taken from the infield on May 4, 1908, at a start of race at Jamaica Racetrack.

Stable boys and their mascot; circa 1895

Hemment v.6 4325 - McDaniel Jockey with Mack Garner Jockey and Eddie Dugan Jockey.jpg
This photograph features jockeys Mack Garner (left) and Eddie Dugan (right) in boxing, or sparring stances. Another jockey, McDaniel, is pictured to the left of Garner and Dugan, with his hands on his hips, looking directly at the camera.

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