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  • Collection: John C. Hemment Photograph Collection

Young Henry with jockey George Odom up

Westbury Stable’s staff with Irish Lad in 1904

Trainer Robert Tucker’s staff with Broomstick after his 1904 Brighton Handicap win at Brighton Beach Race Course in Brooklyn, New York City

Hemment v.2 1322 - William Collins Whitney Owner and August Belmont Jr Owner.tif
This photograph features Thoroughbred owners William Collins Whitney (left) and August Belmont II (right).

Whitney, financier, political reformer, and Secretary of the Navy under President Cleveland, founded his Thoroughbred breeding operation at…

Hemment v.1 477 - 1896 Watching a finish from the top of a stagecoach Final (3).jpg
This photograph features several men watching a horse race finish atop a stagecoach at Gravesend Race Track on Coney Island, New York, in 1896.

Jockey washing up with kitten in 1904


Hemment v.2 1519 - Wallace Hicks Jockey and Alphonse J. Plicque Trainer and Owner.tif
This photograph features Thoroughbred owner and trainer Alphonse Plicque (left) and jockey Wallace Hicks (right).

Hemment v.2 1216 - 1903 Saratoga Clubhouse.tif
This photograph features the view from the Saratoga Clubhouse in 1903.

A “tipster” sharing his insight with racegoers in 1893

Hemment v. 1 233  Sam Doggett, Willie Simms, Fred Taral - Jockeys.jpg
This photograph features the three jockeys (from left to right) Sam Doggett, Willie Simms, and Fred Taral.

Doggett was one of the country's top riders in the mid 1890s. Willie Simms and Fred Taral are both in U.S. Racing Hall of Fame.
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