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  • Collection: John C. Hemment Photograph Collection

Hemment v.5 3950 - 1907 Brighton Beach Crowd.tif
This photograph, taken in 1907, features a filled grandstand at Brighton Beach Race Course.

Hemment v.2 795 Brighton Beach Race Course.jpg
This photograph features a view from the far turn of Brighton Beach Race Course.

Hemment v.3 1968 - 1904 Post Parade of Brighton Handicap at Brighton Beach Race Course.tif
This is a post parade photograph of the 1904 Brighton Handicap at Brighton Beach Race Course.

Broomstick (Tommy Burns up), trained by Robert Tucker and owned by Samuel S. Brown, won the 1904 Brighton Handicap.

Hemment v.3 1962 - 1904 Broomstick Winner of Brighton Handicap with Grooms.tif
This photograph features the American Thoroughbred Broomstick eating from a held feed bucket.

Broomstick was bred and foaled at McGrathiana Stud Farm in 1901. Sired by Ben Brush out of Elf, Broomstick had three successful racing seasons (1903 to…

Exercise riders with trainer Fred Burlew’s string in 1904

Hemment v.2 1545 - Thomas H. Burns on Jockey Scales.tif
This photograph features jockey Thomas H. Burns on the scales, with his weigh in overseen by a Clerk of Scales.

Thomas Burns was the country’s top jockey by wins in 1898 and 1899. He claimed the 1898 Tennessee Derby atop Lieber Karl, the 1900 St.…

Trainer Byron McClelland and his staff; circa 1895

Hemment v.1 1200 - Club House Bookies at Morris Park (2).jpg
This photograph features three clubhouse bookmakers, or bookies, at Morris Park Racecourse.

Hemment v.4 2799 - 1905 James B Diamond Jim Brady Owner and Arthur E Redfern Jockey at Saratoga sepia.tif
This photograph features Thoroughbred owner James B. "Diamond Jim" Brady and jockey Arthur Redfern in conversation at Saratoga Race Course in 1905.

Brady, Gilded Age businessman and financier, is often remembered for his voracious appetite and…

Hemment - 1904-04-25 Dismounting after the Excelsior Handicap at Jamaica race track.tif
This photograph features riders dismounting after the 1904 Excelsior Handicap at Jamaica Racetrack.
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