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Hemment v.4 2920 - 1905 O'Neil Jockey, Shaw Jockey, Brussells Jockey, McDaniels Jockey, Creamer Jockey, Fisher Jockey, L. Smith Jockey,and B. Smith Jockey.tif
This photograph, taken in 1905, features jockeys (from left to right) Frank O'Neill, Shaw, Brussells, McDaniels, Creamer, Fisher, L. Smith, and B. Smith walking across a lawn.

Hemment v.6 4325 - McDaniel Jockey with Mack Garner Jockey and Eddie Dugan Jockey.jpg
This photograph features jockeys (left to right) R. McDaniel, Mack Garner, and Eddie Dugan in 1908.

Mack Garner began his racing career at the age of 14. By 1915, he was the country’s top jockey in both purses earned and races won. He was the…

Hemment v.6 4622 - 1908 Group on Jockeys - Brussells, Yorke, Sweet, Gilbert, Sumter, and McCahey at Saratoga.tif
Pictured (left to right) are jockeys Brussel, Yorke, Sweet, Gilbert, Sumter, and McCahey at Saratoga Race Course in 1908.

That year, McCahey led the group in wins with 105 from 725 mounts. Gilbert led by earnings, with 88 wins totaling $71,360.…

Hemment v.2 1322 - William Collins Whitney Owner and August Belmont Jr Owner.tif
This photograph features Thoroughbred owners William Collins Whitney (left) and August Belmont II (right).

Whitney, financier, political reformer, and Secretary of the Navy under President Cleveland, founded his Thoroughbred breeding operation at…

Hemment v.4 2799 - 1905 James B Diamond Jim Brady Owner and Arthur E Redfern Jockey at Saratoga sepia.tif
This photograph features Thoroughbred owner James B. "Diamond Jim" Brady and jockey Arthur Redfern in conversation at Saratoga Race Course in 1905.

Brady, Gilded Age businessman and financier, is often remembered for his voracious appetite and…

Hemment v.6 - 1909 Frank McCabe Trainer at Spring Meet at Pimlico (2).jpg
This photograph features trainer Frank McCabe at the Pimlico 1909 Spring Meet.

McCabe began his career in racing as a jockey before becoming the stable foreman for Hall of Fame trainer James Gordon Rowe. Within a few years, McCabe began training…

Hemment v.3 1968 - 1904 Post Parade of Brighton Handicap at Brighton Beach Race Course.tif
This is a post parade photograph of the 1904 Brighton Handicap at Brighton Beach Race Course.

Broomstick (Tommy Burns up), trained by Robert Tucker and owned by Samuel S. Brown, won the 1904 Brighton Handicap.

Hemment v.5 3950 - 1907 Brighton Beach Crowd.tif
This photograph, taken in 1907, features a filled grandstand and apron at Brighton Beach Race Course in Brooklyn, New York.

Hemment - 1904-04-25 Dismounting after the Excelsior Handicap at Jamaica race track.tif
This photograph features riders dismounting after the 1904 Excelsior Handicap at Jamaica Racetrack.

Hemment v.3 1688 - 1904 Jamaica Lawn and Grandstand.tif
This photograph, taken in 1904, features spectators in the grandstand and walking on the lawn at Jamaica Racetrack in Queens, New York City.
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