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21 Meadors - 1954-11-01 Ira Drymon Owner of Gallagher Stud and Mrs. Gertrude Gertie T Douglas Widener Owner (2).jpg
This photograph features Thoroughbred owner/breeder Ira Drymon with owner Gertrude 'Gertie' T. Douglas Widener at a sale. Drymon is on the left, wearing a suit. His jacket is laid over his lap, and he is resting his arms on a sales catalog while…

Meadors - 1960-02-21 Spendthrift residence in the snow (2).jpg
This is a photograph of the Spendthrift Farm residence taken in February of 1960. There are five horses walking in the snow in the foreground. The residence is visible through leafless trees, with a hedge and fence between the horses and the…

Meadors - 1958-05-25 Sunday Evening with foal at Greentree (2).jpg
This photograph features Sunday Evening with her foal (possibly Track Medal) at Greentree Stable. Sunday Evening retired with a record of 8 starts for 3 wins, 2 seconds, and 1 third.

Princequillo (2).jpg
This is a photograph of Princequillo in the snow at Claiborne Farm.

Princequillo, born in Ireland, was shipped to the U.S. for safety during WWII. Trained by Horatio Luro, Princequillo is remembered for his long-distance success and subsequent…

Meadors - Bold Ruler in front of stable.jpg
This photograph features Bold Ruler with an unknown handler.

Bold Ruler, sire of Secretariat, was the country's Three-Year-Old Champion Male and American Horse of the Year in 1957. He was named U.S. Champion Sprint Horse in 1958 and went on to…

Meadors - 1952-10-02 Double Jay 1.jpg
In this conformation photograph, taken in October of 1952, American Thoroughbred Double Jay is standing on a path with trees in the background.

Double Jay, trained by Walter 'Duke' McCue, had a remarkable two-year-old season, earning him the…

Meadors - 1965-04-21 Kelso 1.jpg
This photograph features the American Thoroughbred Kelso with an unidentified handler.

Kelso won Horse of the Year in 1960 - a title he held for five consecutive years (1960 to 1964). With his record of 63 starts for 39 wins, 12 seconds, and 2…

Meadors - Round Table .jpg
Photograph of the American Thoroughbred Round Table, with groom.

Round Table, U.S. Champion Turf Horse in 1957 through 1959, was the third U.S.-bred Thoroughbred (after Citation and Nashua) to have career earnings that exceeded one million…

Meadors - 1956-09-08 Ira Drymon Owner of Gallagher Stud with mare in foal to Polynesian (2).jpg
This photograph features Ira Drymon, breeder and former President of the Thoroughbred Club of America, with an unknown mare in foal to Polynesian. Trees, power lines, and a house are visible in the background.

Meadors - 1957-05-24 Iron Maiden and foal at Calumet (2).jpg
This photograph, of Iron Maiden with an unknown foal at Calumet Farm, was taken in May of 1957.

Iron Liege, sired by Bull Lea out of Iron Maiden, claimed the 1957 Kentucky Derby and came in second in the 1957 Preakness Stakes for Calumet around…
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