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  • Collection: Joseph Alvie Estes Photograph Collection

Man o' War with Winston Gordon.jpg
Photograph of American Thoroughbred Man o' War with exercise rider Winston Gordon.

Newspaper headlines from around the world heralded Man o’ War (1917-1947) as “matchless,” the “wonder horse,” a “speed miracle,” and “peerless.”

After winning 20…

Man o' War, with groom Will Harbut and military delegation, 1943.jpg
Photograph of the American Thoroughbred Man o' War with his groom Will Harbut taken during a military delegation's visit to Faraway Farm as part of the delegation's tour of Kentucky Thoroughbred horse farms in November of 1943. The visit was part of…

Myrtlewood (2).jpg
This photograph features the Hall of Fame American Thoroughbred Myrtlewood.

Myrtlewood, widely remembered for her match race victory against Miss Merriment at Keeneland in 1936, claimed the U.S. Champion Sprint Horse that same year.
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